Wendi Friesen Review – Fighting Child Obesity with Hypnosis

Is Your Child Suffering from Obesity? Wendi Friesen´s Hypnotic Stories May Help You

Now, many among you might know Wendi Friesen for her famous weight loss hypnosis program “The Zen of Thin”, which is one of the best selling hypnosis programs on the market. But what merely anyone knows about is Wendi´s encouragement to fight child obesity. That´s why we´d like to introduce her promising program here today.

The Author

Wendi Friesen is a Certified Hypnotist from Boulder, California, and a leader in the field of hypnosis, NLP, creating massive change in the lives of millions around the world. Apart from her skills, it´s her soothing voice, perhaps? She appeared on way too many TV and radio shows to name here, has many products out and markets them strongly over the internet, radio and TV commercials.

The Offer

As the numbers of children suffering from obesity are rising nationwide, many parents ask themselves what to do. Kids today are debauched through many sources: Soda, TV, schools, video games, and junk food. So getting them to prefer healthy foods is a tough nut to crack. On the other side, the earlier you can help them changing their eating patterns the better your chances are preventing them from lifetime obesity.

The program comes on 6 CDs designed to be listened to before sleeping. Is it really hypnosis? Yes and No! They have a hypnotic background, and encourage the children to use their imagination, so to discover the power they have in their brains. At the end, as your child is falling asleep, positive suggestions are used to strengthen the theme of the story. Full package consists of 12 different stories, e.g. “I´m full”, “Eat your veggies”, “The Hunger Monster”, or “Little Tiny Tummy”, but you can also order single CDs with two stories on. The stories are all positive and focus on the good things that are changing, never on any negative suggestions or thoughts

Available Formats

In Wendy´s shop most offers are only available on CD, very few additionally as downloads. The Kids Program is available on CD only.

Sound, Voice and Quality

As mentioned before Wendy´s voice is very soothing and the stories will easily take them on a journey. Sound and quality are perfect just as known from her other products.


All products come with a complete 12 month satisfaction guarantee.


It´s a commonly known fact, that children learn the most from role models, by playing, and listening to stories. So this attempt of getting influence to your child’s behaviors is quite promising. If your child is suffering from being overweight and joshed in school or kindergarten, this might be a great help. What could be greater than to draw your kid´s interest for fruits, veggies and sports?

Of course, if you keep on munching chips and junk food your kid will do so too. Best thing to do in order to safe your little ones from lifetime obesity is raising them in a positive environment – you included!

Want to know about the Child Obesity Hypnosis Program?

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