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Hypnosis News: Interview: Week of Power Secrets Revealed Audio Now Available – Plus a Big Bonus!

Did you manage to catch the live interview? This is the REAL DEAL. I really gave everyone the "inside scoop" on my Week of Power, 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self Hypnosis® in this latest interview for the National Guild of Hypnotists. Elsom Eldridge, Jr. and those who asked questions really put my Week of Power program under the microscope! I think the best part was the call-in time at the end of the call. Callers got to ask me anything, […]

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Self Hypnosis Secrets – Be Careful What You Ask For – You Will Get It

To use self hypnosis to get what you want, choose your words carefully. Your mind is a powerful instrument that will respond to your wishes. So be careful what you ask for. You will get it. Ancient wisdom supports this with the statement that, “We are what we think, we become what we think and what we think becomes our reality.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, echoing ancient wisdom wrote, ” A man becomes what he thinks about all day long.” I […]

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Self Hypnosis Secrets – Lose Weight By Breaking Your Addiction to Food

Addiction occurs when we repeat a behavior and/or a thought over and over and over again. When we try to stop this behavior, we feel deprived and we suffer mentally and physically. This is how we become addicted to fattening foods and why we have so much trouble dieting. But the way we became addicted gives us an access to breaking that addiction and we can use self hypnosis to do so. This article describes the steps you can take […]

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