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Hypnosis News: Reiki, meditation, hypnosis classes

Allison Sandblom, owner of the Casa Grande Holistic Wellness Center, will instruct members of the community wishing to make a mind-body-spirit connection during a series of Reiki, meditation and hypnosis classes offered by CAC’s Community Education program. hypnosis – Yahoo! News Search Results

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Self Hypnosis / Guided Meditation: Being You

Sign up for the full MP3 downloadable version here: www.malahypnotherapy.com (Please rate and subscribe) Use Self Hypnosis (Guided Meditation) to tune into the beat your own inner wisdom. Doing so enables you to more peacefully and congruently walk your own path to the betterment of yourself and all those with whom you walk. This self hypnosis guided meditation will help you BE YOU. Take ten minutes out for yourself to find out how this self hypnosis segment of a session […]

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