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Power Pack Hypnosis –

by Victoria Gallagher

Victoria Gallagher originally founded one of the original online hypnosis companies way back in 1999. Today her company “Hyptalk.com” is one of the most recognizable names in hypnosis online.  She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, certified Weight Management Specialist , and a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, to name just a few of her qualifications.

Based upon her more than 20 years of practice she´s developed a truly amazing weight loss hypnosis program to lose weight and keep it off for good! This 12-week program has already been successfully used during one-on-one hypnosis sessions, and is guaranteed to help you lose weight quickly the natural way. Now available as mp3 download, and on CD, you can profit from this with only a fraction of the costs a live treatment would demand.

This is what you get:

Week #1 – 7 Recordings (1 per day)

During the first week you will spend a mere 20 minutes a day in a state of deep hypnosis. During this week, you will create the foundation on which the hypnosis program is built.

Week #2 – Intro to Hunger Scale + Hunger Scale Hypnosis Session

During week two of this hypnosis program you will learn to detect the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger.

Week #3 – Intro to Screen of the Mind + Screen of the Mind Hypnosis Session

Through this session you will learn to bring the picture of how you want to look like into your reality, molding your behaviors on a subconscious level which will enable you to lose weight quickly .

Week #4 – Intro to Accessing the Cause + Accessing the Cause Hypnosis Session

This week Victoria will gently lead you back in time to help you discover the root of the problem. Sometimes just getting an understanding of what’s preventing you from being able to manage your weight can resolve the problem on its own.

Week #5 – Intro to Release Weight with Water+ Release Weight with Water Hypnosis Session

Drinking water is one of the most important habits you can ever create for yourself. The suggestions in this hypnosis session will help you to begin to reduce weight by drinking water and reminding you to replace other beverages with water in order to maintain weight loss.

Week #6 – Intro to Exercise + Exercise Hypnosis Session

This program will help you to integrate exercise into your life and overcome the thought processes and habits that may have hindered your ability to enjoy exercise in the past.

Week #7 – Intro to Healthy Eating + Healthy Eating Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis sessions you will focus on healthy eating habits. Many of your eating habits were instilled in you as a child. Victoria will help you recognize those triggers and habits and slowly over the week those habits will change.

Week #8 – Intro to Metabolism + Metabolism Hypnosis Session

This week you´ll learn a hypnosis technique that will enable you to turn up your metabolism.

Week #9 – Intro to Swish + Swish Hyptalk Weight Loss Hypnosis ProgramHypnosis Session

During this hypnosis session you will utilize one of the most powerful techniques of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). This particular technique was originated by a famous Psychologist, and has since been widely used by students of Tony Robbins books and seminars. It’s called “Swish.”

Week #10 – Intro to Melting Fat + Melting Fat Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis session you will work with the inside of your body to manage your weight, learning how to teach your subconscious to inhibit the growth of new fat cells and let go of the fat cells you already have.

Week #11 – Intro to Sculpting Your Body + Sculpting your Body Hypnosis Session

In this session, you will use the power of hypnosis to work with the appearance of your body image. You will reinforce the respect you have for your body and all of your new eating, exercise, and water drinking habits.

Week #12 – Intro to Maintenance + Maintenance Hypnosis Session

This hypnosis program combines everything you have already learned over the past few weeks. Combining it into a condensed suggestion session, designed to help you maintain weight loss and your new found lifestyle.

Here´s a small sample of how she sounds like, taken from another recording.

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All in all you get around 12 hours of professional recorded hypnosis, performed by an expert hypnotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. It´s a real step-by-step course that guides you slowly but steady on how to gain the most from hypnosis and the most powerful techniques of NLP.

Voice: Female (US)
MP3: Yes
CD: Yes
Price: Complete Program $ 129.00
Guarantee: 90 Days-Money-Back


From our point of view Victoria Gallagher´s program is one of the most complete solutions for permanent weight loss to be found. It contains everything to enable you for solving your weight problems once and for all. And since it comes with a “no-hassle-90-days-money-back-guarantee” (which is exactly how long the program runs) you can check out if it works for you with absolutely no risk at all.



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