– I am Thin –

by Ken Groosman

When it comes to education, training and experience, Dr. Ken Grossman is commonly considered to be the most reputable of the weight loss hypnosis experts. He is a PhD in clinical hypnotherapy, a certified hypnotherapist, certified in nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

With well over 30 years of practical experience he has seen all the changes in the industry and learning more as he goes along. He is office is located in Sacramento, CA.

Dr. Ken Grossman about his program

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The Offer

Here are the sessions you’ll be receiving.

  1. Weight Loss Session One – Program Introduction
  2. Weight Loss Session Two – Goal Setting
  3. Weight Loss Session Three – Healthy Foods
  4. Weight Loss Session Four – Your New Body
  5. Exercise Session One – Motivation to Move
  6. Exercise Session Two – Joy of Exercise
  7. Sugar Addiction – Control Over Sweets
  8. Chocolate Addiction – Control Over Chocolate
  9. Portion Control – Control Over Appetite
  10. Bedtime Session – Deep Sleep and Reinforcement

Plus you´ll receive an optional eating plan to help simplify ideal eating.

The I-Am-Thin™ program is sent to you on 10 CD’s, and each of the hypnosis sessions has a special and unique purpose. Together they comprise all the pieces of the puzzle required to program a person’s mind and body for permanent weight loss.

When you´ve already listened to the introduction before you´ve got an impression of Ken´s voice. He talks very calm, with a pleasing, deep voice. It´s quite easy to let yourself go and relax. Not to mention that he´s a pro with decades of experience. The sound quality is perfect as to be expected.

Only downside of this program is that it´s available on CD only. On the other hand, shipping is free for US and CA.


Voice: Male (US)
MP3: No
CD: Yes
Price: Complete Program $ 148.00
Guarantee: 30 Days-Money-Back



You get a total hypnosis program with ten hypnosis sessions just like you were having sessions with Dr. Grossman himself in his office. But better yet, you can listen to your recordings over and over again. Your hypnosis program was created and recorded by a real expert in hypnosis and you take no risk through the given total satisfaction money back guarantee.

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