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Our Top 5 Hypnosis for Weight Loss Programs

These are the top five programs we┬┤ve found to be the best. They all offer a solid background plus convince with their holistic approach.


1. Jim Katsoulis

Jim Katsoulis Prgram Yourself Thin

– Program Yourself Thin –


2. Victoria Gallagher

Victoria Gallagher Ultimate Weight Loss Hynposi

– Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Power Pack –


3. Roseanna Leaton

Roseanna Leaton Lose Weight Easy Hypnosis

– Lose Weight Hypnosis 1-11 –


4. Valerie Dawson

Valerie Dawson Lose Weight Easy Hypnosis

– Lose Weight Easy Hypnosis – ***Price Tip


5. Ken Grossman

Ken Grossman I Am Thin

– I am Thin –

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