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HypnosisDirect is a popular British hypnosis download webpage that´s been around since 2006. By now they offer a collection of around 100 hypnosis MP3s session.  Their actual weight loss selection offers the titles

  • Think Yourself Thin
  • A Lean Heathly Body
  • Weight Loss Motivation
  • Healthy Eating Motivation
  • Get Motivated for Exercise
  • Stop Emotional Eating
  • Stop Binge Eating
  • Lose Your Sweet Tooth
  • Super Slim Me

Although Hypnosis Direct has received some remarkable publicity, since being featured in an article on “The Guardian” website, there are some points we didn´t like too much.

  1. First and most annoying is that there´s absolutely zero information about who the hypnotherapists are or who stand behind the site. So you need to believe in their claim that “All our sessions are recorded by professional hypnotherapists, with years of real-world experience”.
  2. Next, there´s not a single sample on their page to get a glance about what you´re going to get. Now, this raises the question whether the people behind this website are qualified hypnotherapist at all.
  3. Another point we didn´t like is their refund handling: Even though HypnosisDirect offers a 90 day money back guarantee, it really takes some effort to get your money back. You need to print off a refund form, answer detailed to their questions, and then fax the questionnaire back again. Most other sites handle this more customer-friendly.


Voice: Male (UK)
MP3: Yes
CD: No
Price: $ 12.95 – Multi purchase discount available
Guarantee: 90 Days-Money-Back



All things considered we think there are more valuable options out there, and only having a rather low price doesn´t make a good offer by itself.

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