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The fact that these programs and recordings didn´t make it to the top doesn´t automatically mean they´re bad; we found the others simply to be better, because they´re more complete, more holistic with their approach and therefor more promising for the common costumer.

One good example could be the recordings by “hypnosis downloads”. Of course they´re made by experienced professionals, and you can find several titles related to weight loss. But we couldn´t see a concept behind their package, and so they didn´t make it to the top.

As I said before, you won´t find hypnosis recording here coming from dubious sources, we leave this up to others…


Wendy Friesen – The Zen of Thin

Christian Hypnosis by Benjamin DeFoor

Hypnosis Downloads

Tom Nicoli – Not Another Diet

Richard MacKenzie Direct


Instant Hypnosis

Richard Blumenthal

Hypnotic World


Steve G. Jones (betterlivingwithhypnosis)

Hypnosis for easy weight loss






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