How to Lose Weight While Sleeping

How to Lose Weight While Sleeping

Standing 5 6 the doctor tells me Im obese at 190 pounds. It could have been no big deal if my health is perfect, but its not. Im hypertensive and was advised to take that small pill every single day, to manage my hypertension, for life.

You must be kidding doc, I said. I do martial arts and Ill show you that it will be back to normal in a few weeks time. The doctors reply caused my blood pressure to rise and my ego to crumble; Sir, martial arts has no fight in this arena. Unless you lose weight, youre on pills forever.

That was 10 years ago, and I was taking the pill like the doctor said. I joined all weight loss programs that came my way, just to get rid of that pill which is straining my nerves and my pockets as well. Every time I do, my weight drops for a few weeks but invariably returns even if Im consistent with my training. I cannot understand why, but my body seems to adapt after a while.

Eventually, I decided to try subliminal programming and acquired one of the best technologies in the market today which enables me to create my own subliminal recordings. My main objective really is to bring my weight, which has caused my hypertension, down. Wanting to see results in as short a time as possible, I listened to my special recording on loop while sleeping.

I couldnt seem to notice significant improvement a week after and began to doubt whether this subliminal thing works. However, I was determined to finish the program and continued listening to the recording in my sleep until one day I woke up in the middle of the night. Suddenly I realized why I just couldnt lose weight! It was an AHA moment for me . . .

When I was small, I used to be very skinny until I entered college. Because of that my self-confidence was low and Im overly self-conscious. Nothing so occupied my mind but my bony figure, and decided I would do my best to become big. Eating became my favorite past time, and for a good reason. In less than a year, I have gained pounds and was so happy with the results. Then I remembered making a promise to myself; I will never be small again.

That promise was deeply rooted in my subconscious, and it was only that night that I realized it was blocking my progress in any weight loss program I joined. It was a form of self-sabotage I wasnt even consciously aware of.

When I talked to some friends who are into weight loss courses, they told me the same experience. I did a small research and wasnt very much surprised to find that roughly 80% of those who tried to lose weight gained back the pounds a few week or months after. Back to normal, was the joke around.

In my study of the human mind, I learned that it is basically divided into two regions; the conscious which is generally dominating during our waking stage, and the subconscious which is largely unexplored and still a mystery to many.

The conscious mind is the critical, analytical and questioning aspect and in control of most of our day-to-day activities, from preparing to go to work up to the time we decide when to go home. The subconscious, which can be compared to the unseen part of an iceberg, directs our automatic and non-voluntary actions like driving the car while listening to the news of the day.

While it appears that the subconscious operates at the background, it greatly influences how a person acts and reacts. It is the part which tells the mind, You can never do it any other way except this. If we do not understand how this part of the mind works, we will find that our ability to improve is somewhat constrained.

I heard the story of a very fat lady who was unsuccessful in her attempts to trim down. She tried everything to no avail, and finally decided to try hypnosis. During the session, she discovered that she unconsciously didnt want to lose fat because she was punishing her unfaithful husband. It was her way of getting even knowing the social embarrassment her husband experiences every time he is asked about his wife.

Sounds silly, but psychologists know this phenomenon as a matter of fact. In many instances, such as the story stated above, the goals of the unconscious contradict with the goals of the conscious mind. This is what happened to me for ten years, until I began using subliminal recording to lose weight. Funny, but I was able to lose ten pounds after 28 days, with no extra effort.

Subliminal messaging works in the premise of producing results from the inside-out. It goes deep into the issue, and brings it out in the open for proper resolution. Its simply realigning goals of the conscious with the unconscious to bring about the desired outcome. When that happens, success can be yours.

Self improvement can be achieved with the least time and effort through the use of subliminal recordings. Rey Misoles is the creator of Beyond Subliminal which has helped others improve their lives. Try it for yourself and grab your FREE recording by visiting here: Or learn how to make one yourself if you are so inclined, here:

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