How to Identify Valuable Lose Weight with Hypnosis Programs

When you browse the Internet today you can find countless offers on how to lose weight with hypnosis. They´re sold in any form or shape – DVDs, CDs, Mp3s or tapes.  Yet, there is little to no guidance available how to make an educated choice. What should you actually be looking for? What should you be avoiding under all circumstance? I hope these tips may help and guide you.

1. Make sure that your recording comes from a qualified, professional, and reputable hypnotherapist

I´ve put this to the top because not only does this decide whether you reach your goals and you lose weight with hypnosis or not. Additionally poorly phrased hypnotic suggestions may cause significant and enduring damage. Throughout the hypnosis session your subconscious mind will take the given instructions quite literally, even incorrect fractions of a phrase.

Let´s assume an inexperienced hypnotist suggests you:  “When you wake up you will feel ablaze with happiness.” Now, this hypnotist may act with the best intentions, but your subconscious mind might easily take this literally and regards this ‘feel ablaze ‘ as some kind of command. As a result, someone who responds well to hypnosis might really feel as if being actually on fire when waking up!

For this reason a widespread knowledge and experience of avoiding damaging suggestions is absolutely vital.

2. Check whether this hypnotist has genuine experience of treating clients successfully in live consultations

As with any other skills perfection comes through practice. Try to find out if you could arrange a live hypnotherapy appointment with this person, regardless of fee. If not, think twice, it is possibly an indication that this hypnotist is not practicing and has no practical experience.  In fact he or she may never have treated real people after acquiring his or her certification. When you want to successfully lose weight with hypnosis you need someone with real experience with real people.

3. Make sure to have listened to at least a small audio sample

Nowadays there are so many sources for hypnosis for weight loss recordings that you’d think this should be common. But although it’s so easy for any web designer to set up some audio samples on a website even some of the largest, longest established shops don´t offer any samples on their sites.

But you really should insist to listen to at least a segment of the recording, or an example of the author’s work.  Otherwise there is a strong risk buying something that is dull at best or useless at worst. Repetition is one key element in hypnosis for weight loss and most likely one of the greatest advantages of hypnosis recordings since you can listen to them time after time, after time... Therefore make sure to like what you hear otherwise you won´t be able enjoy the experience and put your success on the line.

4. Take care that you like the hypnotist’s voice.

As mentioned before, these recordings are made to be listened to frequently, so if there’s anything about the hypnotist´s voice that jars you or winds you up, you better stay away from it. Generally it makes no difference if the voice is high or low and even local accents are absolutely fine. The only thing that matters is that you find it to be pleasant.

Forget about the typical Hollywood or media picture of hypnotists. There’s no such thing as a characteristic voice for a hypnotist. Most probably the best thing to do is to go for someone who sounds pleasant, relaxed, and genuine. Although some kind of theatrical voices can be okay, (in the sense of emphasizing) but you should clearly stay away from recordings that are noticeably trying hard to sound weird, mysterious, or overly soothing.

And especially if it sounds like someone´s obviously reading from a script…run! This is a strong indication that you are not listening to a skilled or even legitimate hypnotist.

5. Beware of fishy cheap offers

When buying a hypnosis program you should be aware that a good quality recording can be a life changing investment and that it´s regardless of the price only worth the money when it serves its purpose.

Principally you should be very careful before you opt for a very cheap recording. This can end up easily doing you more damage than good. As with everything else in life, you usually get what you pay for. At first glance this cheap offers may seem like a bargain but you would be well advised to treat your mind with the same respect you would treat your body. I guess you would never let a cheap plastic surgeon with doubtful credentials operate on your body? It may function for a while but is it really worth the risk? Bear in mind, hypnosis is not some kind of gimmick; it is a real and potent power.

Today there are many entrepreneurial amateur hypnotists on the Internet or on eBay who have bought themselves hypnosis scripts from sometimes suspicious sources. Then they´ve produced some amateur recordings and franchised these recordings out to numerous marketers who are busy promoting these recordings for a handful of dollars. You may save some bucks here, but what have you won when your pick doesn´t work out as planed?

Let´s assume you are really serious about overcoming your weight problems. When you are doing it right you will achieve your goals soon and develop the healthy and toned body you desire.  Isn’t this worth investing a few or dollars in something decent? Imaging you were a talented and experienced professional who has produced an effective, commercially practicable solution to your problem – following years of experience and dedication – would you actually give it away all for free?

6. Don´t let you take away by euphoric testimonials

The internet is awash with fake feedback and testimonials, so proceed reading them with caution. As a rule of thumb, genuine testimonials tend to enclose a lesser amount of clichés or ad-slang and are less trim and tidy. Don´t give too much about all the hype and bigheaded copy you will come across on websites. Just keep in mind what you´ve read above and check these crucial facts one by one. Making the right decision will hopefully be much easier for you.

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