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Hypnosis News: Charlotte Church to quit smoking in 2011 – Therapy Lounge News

Charlotte Church to quit smoking in 2011Therapy Lounge NewsHowever, if she finds herself struggling she may want to consider using stop smoking hypnotherapy to help her along. Hypnotherapy is a proven technique and …and more » hypnotherapy – Google News

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Hypnosis News: Cassius & Associates Hypnotherapy – Downtown Memphis

Cassius & Associates HypnotherapyDowntown MemphisEric Cassius, LPC, MHSP, CHt, son of Dr. Joseph Cassius, carries on the clinical practice with many of the same knowledge, skills, vigor and vitality as …and more » hypnotherapy – Google News

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Hypnosis News: Hypnotherapy workshop

Ever wondered about hypnotherapy and how it works? On January 27, an introduction to hypnotherapy workshop is being held at Chelsea Theatre, to mark the opening of a new treatment centre in the Kings Road. hypnotherapy – Yahoo! News Search Results

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Hypnosis News: Good health could be hypnotic – C&G Newspapers

Good health could be hypnoticC&G NewspapersLevine said he's had staggering results with hypnotherapy and said it's a fantastic way to promote new awareness. In his practice, he uses hypnotherapy to … hypnotherapy – Google News

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Hypnosis News: Announcing Rob MacInnes – Now Writing for the Hypnosis.ORG E-Zine

I am very happy to announce that we have a new writer who will be publishing hypnosis articles on our website E-Zine on, www.Hypnosis.ORG. Rob MacInnes, CH is a graduate student studying psychology. With his background in hypnotherapy and academia, he will be publishing articles focused on providing you with a scientific psychological view on how and why hypnosis works. I think that you are all going to appreciate his articles because he is one who values scientific research AND […]

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