Are There People Who Can´t Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Over the last weeks I’ve looked at various questions about hypnosis and hypnosis audio programs and I´ve tried to answer some of them here: 11 FAQ about how to lose weight with hypnosis.

Today I want to deal with another frequently occuring topic:

“I have a extremely strong will. Can I be hypnotized successfully? Are there some individuals who can’t be hypnotized?”

This is continually debated by academic researchers in hypnosis. Some researchers really feel that there’s a scale of hypnotizability, and that some individuals are much more hypnotizable than other people. According to their study, approximately 5-10% of the population are unable to be hypnotized.

Based on my experience with recorded hypnosis programs, I would say that some little percentage of individuals are resistant to hypnosis. But I do not believe the problem is 1 of being strong-willed or not.

Here’s a easy method to gauge if you are a great candidate for utilizing hypnosis. In the event you have ever turn out to be so absorbed in some thing that the outside world appears to disappear (for instance, losing your self in a book or project), then hypnosis may work for you.

The other essential question is in the event you truly wish to be hypnotized, and in the event you trust the hypnotherapist. Your own choice to participate within the partnership is essential.

I also have to address a question we get daily within the office:

“Can I use hypnosis CDs although driving? I would love to use my commuting time productively.”

Sorry, but NO. Completely not. I appreciate the impulse to use your driving time well, but take a look at audio books or a language program instead. Save your hypnosis CDs as a gentle method to wake up, to listen to although relaxing in your favorite chair within the evening, or as a brief respite over the lunch hour. Hypnosis programs ask you to change your awareness, and driving requires your full attention.

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